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Anybody recognize this lovely little lady? You guessed it! This radiant lady is the very first Barbie introduced by Mattel in 1959.

Barbie gave a new definition to the word "doll" as her 1959 debut sent moms scrambling to purchase these new fashion dolls for their daughters. When it comes to dolls, Barbie has never ceased to create excitement in the lives of young girls, and she is definitely at the top of the doll collector's lists. Barbie continues to be known throughout the world for her beauty and for her fashion statements. But Barbie isn't the only doll that brings special memories to heart! Shirley Temple, Cabbage Patch Kids, Chatty Cathy, Mrs. Beasley, Poor Pitiful Pearl, Betsy Wetsy, Betty Boop, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Raggedy Ann and Andy, are just a few more of the many dolls that have brought hours of fun into the lives of girls everywhere. Where are your old dolls? In the attic? Passed down to little sister? Or could one of them be right here in the World's Largest Toy Museum? Come see us and let the heartfelt emotions of your childhood days be stirred once again.

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Toy Attractions at the World’s Largest Toy Museum

The World’s Largest Toy Museum is located in Branson, MO at 3609 W. Highway 76. The museum holds over one million toy attractions. It’s an eclectic collection of toys that range from the 19th century to present day. Everyone, no matter what their age, will find something to appreciate!

Nostalgic Branson Attractions

Branson is known for evoking feelings of nostalgia. Nothing says nostalgia better than toys that take you back to your childhood. Right from the moment you step out of your car, you feel like you’re in a different world. Two giant toy soldiers flank the doors of a building covered in graphics that will take you back to days gone by.

Parents will also enjoy viewing our toys, many of which are considered Branson antiques. We have antique toys from every era that are sure to delight and bring back those childhood days.

One of the Best Museums in Branson

The World’s Largest Toy Museum actually consists of five museums in Branson featuring different toy collections. Among these is The National BB Gun Museum, The World of Checkers Museum, and the Stearnsey Bear Museum. The best part is, you don’t have to travel to each one. All of these toy collections in Branson can be found right inside The World’s Largest Toy Museum.

Our museums and toy shops are also filled with over a million toys to delight children of all ages. That’s why we’re considered one of the best museums in Branson. Just come in and check it out.

Interactive Fun Things to Do in Branson

Are you looking for interactive Branson toys to help your kids have fun? We feature quite a few interactive exhibits such as a Hot Wheels track, Lincoln Logs, checkers, and various coin operated rides. This, along with the tour of the entire museum ensure you will have hours of fun things to do in Branson MO.

Kids of all ages can tour exhibits for tin toys, Roy Rogers, A Christmas Carol, Barbie, Disney, cast iron toys, space toys, Nascar, and trains in Branson. All it takes is a ticket which can be bought right here on our website!

Looking for Toy Gift Shops?

When you’re done viewing all the toys, you and your children will want to view all the toys in the gift shop. You may be able to purchase that toy that you loved as a child. It’s hard to find these toys and collectibles at other gift shops. Indulge your inner-child by picking up something that reminds you of your past.

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